Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom), better known as “Pertubuhan Komuniti India Muslim Malaysia” is a non-governmental organization which was established on 13th May 2011.
Formerly known as online volunteers’ group, with the implementation of strategic activities for volunteers, it is now registered as Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom).
iMcom is a non-governmental organization that aims to expose the heritage, traditions, culture and glory of the Indian Muslim community. Nonetheless, it also emphasizes on youth development and strengthens the role of Indian Muslim youths in preserving the heritage, culture and history of Indian Muslims.
iMcom has taken the first step in revealing the heritage and culture of the Indian Muslim community on the World Heritage Day, Georgetown Festival in 2010 by organizing the “Indian Muslim Cultural & Heritage Celebration” in Penang. All praise to the creator, these measures taken by iMcom have been persevered until now with the grace and blessings of Allah SWT and has been included in the annual calendar of Malaysia. Moreover, iMcom also organizes a variety of activities and programs for the benefits of our community. Further to these efforts, we will also launch three products which are functional in order to improve communication and social networking among the Indian Muslim community.
iMcom is the only non-governmental organization that has created a record in the Malaysia Guinness Record for two consecutive years for “The Longest Non Stop ‘Teh Tarik’ Demonstration”, which was accomplished in 2011, followed by “The Longest Roti Canai Chain”, accomplished in 2012.
iMcom has a membership of 160 registered members. The members consist of volunteers, especially young people with various educational, career and also family backgrounds, each skillful in their own respective areas from all states in Peninsular Malaysia.