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History of iMcom

Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom), better known as “Pertubuhan Komuniti India Muslim Malaysia” is a non-governmental organization which was established on 13th May 2011. Read More

Indian Muslim in Malaysia

Historical records show the involvement and influence of Indian Muslim society in the history of Kedah since the twelfth century and later with the Melaka sultanate in the fifteenth century. The community played an important role in the fields of trade and administration during the period before Melaka’s conquest by the Portuguese in 1511. Read More


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iMcom Activities

Apart from handling heritage programs, India Mulim’s culture and history, iMcom also are involved in other activities such as :

  • Youth Development : help in building the confident of our youth community and bring them forward in various field.
  • Sports : ensure that our community are healthy and active through participating a variety of activities such as programs in groups. We also join programs in state levels and national levels.
  • Welfare : It is our responsibility to reach out to those who are in need as well as channel it to certain government organizations so that they will get the attention that they need.
  • Religion : we organize and participate in religious programs especially ones that are handled in Kapitan Keling Mosque.

About Us

Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom), better known as “Pertubuhan Komuniti India Muslim Malaysia” is a non-governmental organization which was established on 13th May 2011.
Formerly known as online volunteers group, with the implementation of strategic activities volunteers registered as an Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom)
iMcom is a non-governmental organization that aims to expose the heritage, traditions, culture and glory of the Indian Muslim community. Nonetheless, it also emphasizes on youth development and strengthen the role of Indian Muslim youth in preserving the heritage, culture and history of Indian Muslims.
  • History

    History has educated human beings to know their country, community, family as well as their own origin. We’re bringing back the lost history for the current and upcoming generations knowledge.

  • Heritage & Cultural

    Heritage & Culture are the colours of a community’s formation & development. Thus, we are putting in our full effort to portray an appropriate image of the Indian Muslim community.

  • Religion

    We also carry out informational events for the public as part of our responsibility in enforcing Islam in our daily life.

  • Youth

    We also aim in developing a more productive and excellent Indian Muslim youths as we head towards the era of development.

What others say about us

Syed Thajudeen

iMcom is a very active youth movement involved in many social activities in Penang. It consists of many young active members tirelessly doing social services to society. I wish them well.

Syed ThajudeenMalaysian Figurative ArtistWikipedia
Torsten Tschacher

I first learned about the Indian Muslim Community Organization Malaysia (iMcom)  in connection to a talk they organized in Penang, and I have since come to know them as dedicated, enthusiastic, and wonderful group people. Keep up the good work!

Torsten TschacherLecturer for Tamil Language and CultureGeorg-August-Universität Göttingen
Lim Chung Wei

It’s encouraging to work with a group of dedicated Indian Muslim who are passionate about their culture and tradition. I hope more young people will come forward to contribute and support the work that iMcomM have been doing for their community.

Lim Chung WeiProject Manager for Heritage CelebrationsGTF

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